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What we translate:
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We offer both sworn and non-sworn translation services for all types of documents, always with the same professionalism and rigour. The Cybertrans-Polyglott® brand is your guarantee of top quality and reliability, as we work with experts in the different specialist areas concerned to ensure the maximum accuracy of each translation.
Our team of highly qualified professionals can handle all manner of documents, including:
In the technical field:
  • industrial texts
  • operating and assembly instructions 
  • maintenance manuals
  • catalogues of all kinds and patents, etc.
Official and administrative:
  • residency documents
  • employment contracts
  • job references
  • registration certificates
  • property deeds
  • cooperation agreements
  • credit terms
  • customs certificates
  • licences
  • academic diplomas and school certificates
  •  powers of attorney
  • police reports
  • lawsuits
  • general legal documents
  • court decisions
  • marriage and pre-nuptial agreements
  • criminal record checks and good conduct certificates
  • probate certificates
  • will legacies
  • declaration of heirs
  • will declarations
  • birth, marriage and death certificates
  • divorce decrees
  • wills
  • official complaints and appeals
  • patents
  • passports, etc.

  • medical certificates and reports
  • diagnostic tests
  • medical insurance policies
  • informed consent documents
  • complaints
  • claims, etc.
all kinds of advertising:
  • including brochures
  • billboards
  • posters and promotional documents of all types
  • restaurant and bar menus
  • hotel and leisure promotions
  • terms and conditions of sale and delivery
  • service agreements
  • contracts of carriage
  • sales agreements
  • construction
  • loan and service agreements
  • travel agreements
  • commercial law documents/extracts
  • franchise and licensing agreements
  • order documentation
  • invoices, etc.

  • bank guarantees and other banking documents
  • balance sheets
  • constitution of companies and partnerships 
  • rental and leasing agreements
  • contracts of sale
  • donation agreements
  • donations
  • loan agreements
  • mortgages
  • seizures of assets
  • articles of association
  • investment reports, etc.

Other translations:
  • CVs/résumés, certificates of all types

  • academic records and certificates

  • insurance policies

  • miscellaneous complaints and claims

  • recipes and cookbooks

  • personal and business correspondence

  • articles from the press and scientific journals 

  • degree dissertations, etc. 

  • Websites of types

  • Audio material

  • Proofing and correction of texts

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