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How we work

Cybertrans-Polyglott produces both sworn legal and non-sworn translations. As we are an association of sworn translators, we can offer an outstanding level of professionalism and accuracy in all respects.

Rates depend on the source and target languages, the degree of difficulty and complexity of the subject matter and the physical quality and legibility of the text concerned. 

Our standard delivery time for normal translations is five working days, but we also offer an express (three-day) and urgent (24-hour) service.

the translation process 

  • Just send us the document or documents concerned, with an indication of the service you require, and we will supply an estimate with absolutely no obligation on your part.

  • We will then need one working day/24 hours to provide you with a fixed-price quotation and binding delivery date/time.

  • Once you have confirmed your acceptance of this quotation, you will need to settle 50% of the corresponding amount in advance. Please note that Polyglott may require a larger deposit in certain special cases and/or in the event of particularly complex or cost-intensive jobs.

  • The remaining balance should then be settled upon collection of the translation or before it is despatched by post.

  • The translation will be delivered in accordance with the agreed terms and conditions. Official sworn translations require the physical signature and stamp of the translator responsible, and cannot therefore be delivered by e-mail. 

  • Our courier service handles the despatch of urgent items.

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