Polyglott-Traductores Jurados Asociados

Who are we?

Cybertrans-Polyglott - Association of Official / Certified Translators has since 1968 been the leading office for language interpreting and translating in the Balearic Islands. Today we translate most languages at  Polyglott. Although all of us are Certified Translators, we also handle ordinary translations with the same accuracy as official or "sworn" work.
We work all over Europe, only with professional translators, university-qualified in the different fields of economics, law, technical areas and sciences.


All languages
“Sworn” certified or official translations
Specialised work: engineering, medicine, law, economics, cooking etc.
Ordinary translations
Express translation services

The translation process

Documents – originals or copies – can be delivered either in person at our offices or sent by fax, by electronic mail or normal post. After the text has been examined you will be sent the relevant quote, with a binding delivery time.
The usual delivery time is 5 working days for normal translations. In emergency cases we will always try to meet your requirements, applying an urgency surcharge, where required.
Certified translations have to bear the original stamp and signature of the Certified Translator and therefore cannot be sent by electronic mail. We have a courier service for urgent delivery.


Our rates are transparent and deposited at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and at the Government Delegate’s office.
The price per word in the target language ranges from 0.09 to 0.30 €, depending on the language, the degree of difficulty, the complexity and legibility of the text. No assignments are accepted without first giving a written quote.
Payment conditions: assignments are confirmed by payment of a deposit of 50% of the amount quoted, either in cash or by bank transfer. The final resulting balance is settled when the translation is collected or prior to being sent by post.

We handle all kinds of translations

Census registration
Employment contracts
Employment certificates
Curriculum Vitae (CV)
Inheritance declarations
Criminal record certificates
Mercantile Register
Marriage certificate
Deeds of purchase and sale
Cooperation contract
Credit facilities
Licensing contract
School certificates / transcripts
Power of attorney / empowerment
WEB pages
Works contract
Court orders and proceedings
Bank guarantees
Balance sheets
Marriage settlements
Certificates accrediting being alive/decease
Customs certificates
Registration certificates
Criminal records certificates
Deregistration certificates
Good conduct certificates
Census registration certificates
Medical certificates and reports
School certificates
Purchasing and supply terms
Company and business incorporation deeds
Rental or leasing contracts
Purchase and sale contracts
Donation contracts, Donations
Works contracts
Loan contracts
Service contracts
Transport contracts
Travel contracts
Employment contracts
Corporate contracts
Succession contracts
Declaration of heirs
Law suits
Police reports
Mercantile law
Business study certificates
Academic transcripts, diplomas
Statements taken from the Mercantile Register
Birth certificates
Marriage certificates
Franchises and licences
Commission requests
Cremation / Undertakers’ documents
Quality specifications
Powers of attorney
Insurance policies
Complaints and appeals
Property register
Divorce decrees
Legal judgments
Certified translations